MC Gift Subscription

MC Gift SubscriptionMC Gift Subscription
Yes, I want to be a Messenger to help you double Midnight Call readership. Pay only $9.95 postage.

$ 9.95

MC Subscription (1 Year) Savings Offer

MC Subscription (1 Year) Savings OfferMC Subscription (1 Year) Savings Offer
#2968 Please re-enter my name on the subscriber list for Midnight Call magazine and pay only $14!

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MC Free Subscription

MC Free SubscriptionMC Free Subscription
#2969 Claim your FREE subscription to Midnight Call magazine. Yes, it’s really FREE. All you have to do is pay the postage ($9.95).

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Midnight Call Subscription/Renewal

Midnight Call Subscription/RenewalMidnight Call Subscription/Renewal
#9211 Tomorrow’s Magazine, for Today.
Begin a new subscription or extend your subscription to better discern the times in which we live.
Receive a FREE book with any Subscription or Renewal!


MC First Time Subscription + Book 1055 + 6-month News From Israel

MC First Time Subscription + Book 1055 + 6-month News From IsraelMC First Time Subscription + Book 1055 + 6-month News From Israel
First Time subscription of Midnight Call for one year + BOOK and 6-month complimentary subscription to News from Israel! Pay only $9.95 postage.

$ 9.95

News From Israel Subscription/Renewal

News From Israel Subscription/RenewalNews From Israel Subscription/Renewal
#9212 Is the Middle East ready to explode?
News from Israel is a biblically-based news magazine that includes breaking stories from Israel and surrounding countries.
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NFI Gift Subscription

NFI Gift SubscriptionNFI Gift Subscription
Existing Customers can send a free gift subscription of News from Israel to a loved one for one year! Pay postage.

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Message of the Month Club

Message of the Month ClubMessage of the Month Club
#9213 This audio message series includes 12 biblical based teachings on a variety of topics by Arno Froese.
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Spanish Midnight Call

Spanish Midnight CallSpanish Midnight Call
# 9218 Become a missionary in your very own country by participating in our Spanish Ministry.

$ 9.95

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime MembershipLifetime Membership
Join this special group who pray and support the outreach of Midnight Call. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer so you will never again need to worry about renewal forms or price increases.

$ 1,000.00

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Your Gift to Action for Israel goes to support Midnight Calls presence in Israel to comfort, encourage, and testify in the name of Jesus.

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FellowLaborers Midnight Call Supports about 45 full-time missionaries and partially support many others, as well other missionary services such as schools, hospitals and bible studies and more...

AFI We, as Bible-believing Christians, voice our comfort and support for Israel and Jerusalem, because of the promises God has pronounced over that city, the land of Israel and the Jewish people.That is the message we continue to proclaim to whoever has an ear to hear, and that is what we testify to Israel. The Messiah is coming; the restoration will take place because the Word of God stands forever. “Behold, your God!” is going to be fulfilled exactly and precisely.That is why we continue to comfort Israel...

MCM-Logo Midnight Call Ministry was founded in 1955, based on Matthew 25:6. Since those early days, the ministry has expanded in many parts of the world, utilizing radio, literature, and missionaries. The work is funded by God’s children, who pray and give to make this work possible....

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