Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor
By Arno Froese    Pages:438   Binding:Hardcover    ISBN#:9780937422496

NumberOne1Find out for yourself why the Letters to the Editor column is the number one feature in Midnight Call magazine! It’s a book that’s true to its title, and one which I consider the voice of the Church. Because our letter writers are not only national, but international, we can assume that virtually all churches and denominations are represented. Therefore, the varied opinions and views due to the influence of many different backgrounds, denominational guidelines and nationalities are what make this book so unique.

With this in mind, I would like to thank those who wrote for being my teachers. This is important to emphasize, because it was the letter writer who caused me to search the Scriptures and find answers to numerous questions.

NumberOne2Creation, Sin, End of Life, Israel, Authority of Scripture, Spiritual Fundamentals, Prayer and Salvation, Christian Practices, Scriptural Explanation, Endtime Prophecy, Globalism or Patriotism, Bible Codes, Testimonials, Signs, Wonders, the Antichrist, Catholicism, False Doctrine, the Rapture, Eschatology, and much more…


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