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midnightcall-logoMidnight Call Ministries is supported in great part by the free will gifts and offerings of God's people as well  as our books and product sales, all of which are utilized solely for the furtherance of the Gospel.  Midnight Call Employs over a dozen full and part time personnel in Columbia, SC , the headquarters of all North America.  It is through the generous donations form our brothers and sisters in the Lord that we have been able to spread the message of our Lord Jesus Christ here in the US and around the world for 57 years!

 Would you please prayerfully consider donating to keep our daily operations running smoothly, and please pray that Midnight Call will be blessed to continue His work, and  to continue spreading the gospel until Jesus returns to take his bride home!

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The Truth about the Arab-Israeli Conflict. In essence, one cannot reason with people who do not wish to be swayed by facts. But what about those who genuinely seek the objective truth?
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FellowLaborers-logo-150x63 Midnight Call Supports about 45 full-time missionaries and partially support many others, as well other missionary services such as schools, hospitals and bible studies and more...

AFI-logo-150x70 Your Gift to Action For Israel goes to support Midnight Calls presence in Israel to comfort, encourage, and testify in the name of Jesus...

midnightcall-logo Contributions from the Church have been a major part of Midnight Call's 57 years of sucess at spreading the Gospel. Your gifts will go to support the daily operations of Midnight Call North America...

Thank You for Helping Support This Ministry!

About Swift Word News Service

Introduction to Swift Word News Service

Welcome to Swift Word. This 5 day a week Christian News Service with biblical comments is based on Psalm 147:15, "He sendeth forth his commandment upon earth: his word runneth very swiftly."
The purpose: Jesus stated, "I will build my Church." That building process has been ongoing for about 2,000 years. Believers in Jesus Christ are to be found on every continent and in every country on planet Earth.
While Christians all over are concerned about their own country, the greatest concern should always be the building of His Church. Swift Word gives you the news, identifying its prophetic relationship to the Church of Jesus Christ, His body, the Temple of the Holy Spirit.
Following Swift Word 5 days a week will contribute to a better understanding of His Church in our time.
Please tell family, friends, and church members about Swift Word. Swift Word's number one priority is His Word, His Church, and developments around the world pointing to His return.

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