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Promised Land Prophecy Tour and International Prophecy Congress

At this time, we do not have dates or further details for our next tour.

Our 12-day tours cost about $2100 per person and includes accommodations, breakfast and dinner each day, ground transportation via our own privately chartered bus, sightseeing with our own licensed tour guide, and all entrance fees to sights and parks covered in the itinerary. Prices are based on double occupancy; if you are coming alone, you will be assigned a roommate of the same gender unless you specify that you would like a single room and pay a single room supplement. You will need to make round-trip airline reservations to Tel Aviv separately. We recommend that you use the services of Travel Concepts, but you are free to use whatever agency or online booking service you like. From past experience, roundtrip airfare has been around $1600 depending on where you are starting from.

Although the itinerary has not yet been set, we usually visit the following places: Haifa, Caesarea, Mt. Carmel, Megiddo (Valley of Armageddon), Akko (Acre), Nazareth, Beit She'an, Mount Gilboa, the Sea of Galilee, Banias waterfall, Golan Heights, Mount of Beatitudes, Tabgha, Capernaum, Yardenit Baptismal site, Dead Sea, Qumran, Masada, Jerusalem, Temple Mount, Garden Tomb and Golgotha, Pool of Bethesda, Via Dolorosa, Church of The Holy Sepulchre, Western Wall, City of David, Yad Vashem, Mount Zion, the Upper Room, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, model Temple, Shrine of the Book (the Dead Sea Scrolls), and Bethlehem (if possible.)

If you need more information, use the form below to contact us, or call us at 1-800-845-2420.


We heard only good things from our small group in 2011. (pictures at Facebook)

  • [This was] my first time traveling internationally; [it] was a very pleasant experience! Excellent preparation from travel, transfers, accommodations, tour guide, bus & driver. High marks for everything. – Pastor David Beerbower, Assumption IL
  • I rate [the tour] as 5 stars out of 5 stars. The pace was steady but not exhausting and we saw most of the highlights of Israel. Ariel [tour guide] was extremely knowledgeable about the country, its history, the current culture and he was also well versed in the Scriptures. His "grace based" teaching was refreshing. Alex, our bus driver, was great and the bus was comfortable. Arno, our host, kept the tour organized and offered Bible exposition, devotions and humor. I particularly enjoyed the "off the beaten path" lunch destinations. – Laurie K, Morris CT
  • All aspects of the tour were OUTSTANDING! The area that was most outstanding was the rolling, continuous Bible study as we moved through God's special land and mixed and mingled with His chosen people! The accommodations were terrific, especially those at Beth-Shalom! The tour guide, Ariel, and the bus driver, Alex, were GREAT. Arno's Bible interpretation and presentation as we moved from place to place was exceptional! We could not have asked for a better tour team! – WC & CC, White Plains GA
  • This tour is the perfect tour for one who is making their first trip to Israel. It provided historical and biblical aspects that made us come away from this tour more determined than ever to support Israel and to reach out and minister to any Jewish people that we have the opportunity to do so. I will highly recommend your tour to all and will encourage them to stop delaying and to take your tour when it is offered again. – Sam Holley, Prattville, Alabama
  • This tour is a spiritual tour, and you will come back to the States and realize how [little] you have done for Him, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. – CWM, Kodak, TN
  • We were extremely pleased with all aspects of the tour, particularly the guide and driver. [It is a] reasonably priced tour [with] excellent choices of sites and consideration for less mobile individuals. The seeing, feeling, experiencing, and insights gained were unbelievable, and [we gained] a new-found ability, when reading the Bible, to associate the Word of God to actual things and places [that] we have actually seen simply can’t be [sufficiently] described. – Mike & Irene, London, KY
  • [The] Promised Land Prophecy Tour 2011 was an excellent value. Ariel, Fredi and Arno did an excellent job of combining history, the Bible and Prophecy. – Dennis and Susan Heftie, Houston, Texas
  • The tour was exceptionally well designed and conducted. I would recommend it to friends and others. – JB in Wisconsin

We have some great pictures of the 2010 tour up on Facebook. (Click here)

We're grateful to hear such positive evaluations from the participants of the 2010 tour.

  • The tour was absolutely AWESOME!  Ariel [guide], Avi [driver], and Arno could not have been more considerate, caring and/or service[minded.]  Ariel [Winkler] tied in the Israel of yesterday, with the Israel of today and was a walking historic encyclopedia.  I never saw or heard a question that he did not have an answer for. Arno offered many observations scripturally and challenged us to remember our prophecy tie-in. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it an 11! – Martha Scott, Brooklyn Center, MN
  • I enjoyed the tour...[and] would recommend the tour. – Pastor Jailal, Bronx, NY
  • A great trip, very well run, worth the money! – G.R. Peters, Taylor, SC
  • It was a wonderful tour. – Mary Ridgway, South Carolina
  • I am so thankful to have gone on this tour. – E.B. Flint, MI
  • We not only would recommend this tour, we have been recommending it to anyone who asks about our trip and indicates they might like to go to Israel. Thank you for providing us such a memorable trip of a lifetime. – Paul & Janice Roberts, Walker, LA
  • …it was a dream come true…it was awesome. Thank you for the opportunity! – Vern, Chicago
  • This was an amazing and enjoyable tour. Tour guide, Ariel, and bus driver, Avi, were superb. Arno’s Biblical contribution made it all the more significant and enjoyable. It was overall excellent, and I highly recommend it to all. – Tom H., Shippensburg, PA
  • I have traveled a lot of the world, [but] this “Promised Land Prophecy Tour” was the most glorious experience of my life! …the wonderful prophecy teachings of Arno, and the knowledge of our Israeli Christian guide, Ariel, made up what could only have been arranged by “God’s Hand” to accomplish the end result that we all felt so profoundly! My 16-year-old grandson and I were both blessed by the whole experience! – H. Guillory, Houston, TX

After the participants of the 2008 Discovering Israel Tour and 35th International Prophecy Congress returned home, we sent a questionnaire to see if there was anything we could do to make this tour an even better experience. We were pleasantly deluged by praise:

  • We have taken a lot of trips, but this was the most meaningful! – Frank & Charlotte Elliot
  • It was far beyond my expectations, and I learned a lot!
  • We were truly blessed. I didn’t want to leave. God’s word came alive before our eyes.
  • This tour was far better than I anticipated. The people I met were very special. Arno & Ruth were absolutely precious. The loving care that was demonstrated by all participants was what made this a highlight of my life. I appreciate the fact that everything was so well organized.
  • The tour was a dream come true for me. To us, it was all a heart-filled love experience; a more closer walk with Jesus. [Regarding accommodations in Israel] I felt like we were in heaven!  – Dave & Kathy Freer
  • Arno Froese was one of the finest leaders a tour could have; he was fun and chose a great guide in Irma. But when scriptures are involved, Arno is a very serious man, and his love for Christ comes before anything else, which teaches [that] new born babes [in Christ] where our focus should really be at all times! - Robert Tymusz
  • The tour was far, far beyond my expectations. It was the experience of a lifetime. It brings decades of Bible study into sharper focus. Arno’s Bible lessons set this tour apart. - Roger Bowker
  • For us, this was our first trip to Israel and it was all encompassing. We enjoyed every moment on this spiritual journey. Bible study is so much more meaningful now, because we’ve been there. - Bob & Ruthann Christopher
  • I am still praising God for directing me to your tour. I have spoken so much about it to others, they are asking for information for next year! The tour was fabulous; the people on our tour and the incredible guides made it the best trip ever. We saw so much without feeling rushed. It was so memorable, I want to return there again soon—I am homesick for Israel!
  • [Regarding 35th International Prophecy Congress] What I loved most was the ‘international’ part. To see Christians from Brazil, Italy, etc. who loved Israel and the Jewish people as I do. It was good for us (Americans) to be a minority and hear the Holy Spirit quicken God’s Word to our hearts through brothers [from] around the world. -Marie Kolarcik

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Or call us toll-free at 1-800-845-2420.



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