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“And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith” (Acts 6:7).

We note “the word of God increased.” That’s quite interesting, because under normal circumstances, it would read, “the disciples multiplied…and the word of God increased.” The fact that the Word of God is mentioned as the key, shows that the work under the auspices of the Holy Spirit is effective missionary work.

9d5a45e5db7b57bf3408002bc56bd959 SThis took place during the infancy of the Church. It was the time when the foundation of the Church was being built in Jerusalem.

It is also noteworthy that right after this very encouraging statement, we read of Stephen, the first martyr of the Church. That means, whenever the Word of God is presented with the authority of the Holy Spirit, there will be opposition. Thus, we are reminded of the word, “We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22).


We must show our love by our actions.
The following is an interview with Laszlo and Elisabeth Dalnoki-Nagy, by Jonathan Malgo and Norbert Lieth:

How did the work in Hungary begin?
Elisabeth: It is difficult to describe this in a few sentences. It was 23 years ago when Midnight Call coworkers Conno Malgo and Norbert Lieth came to Hungary to distribute Christian books.
Laszlo: Friends of ours received a copy of a book, handed out by Conno Malgo on the streets of Budapest.

What title was it?

Elisabeth: It was Mit mond a Biblia a vilag vegerol? (“What Does the Bible Say About the End of the World?”—out of print).

This book was the beginning of the work in Hungary?

Elisabeth: Yes. After reading the book, we visited the headquarters of Midnight Call in Dübendorf, Switzerland. It was during an Easter conference that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Several years later, my husband Laszlo accepted the Lord too.
But, it’s interesting: the work already began before I was a believer.
At our first meeting with some of Midnight Call’s staff, I actually only accepted the invitation to the conference out of politeness. It resulted in our getting involved with the work in Hungary. That’s how we started, and we continue until this day. Now for these many years, my husband and I are full time fellow workers in Midnight Call.
Laszlo: Actually, we found the book very interesting, but we noticed it wasn’t a good translation. Elisabeth told me to call the office of Midnight Call and tell them about the bad translation. On the telephone, I got hold of Conno Malgo, who immediately invited us to the mission. We came and talked about whether we should take over the translation work. Wim Malgo then invited us to the Easter conference. At the end of his message, he challenged the audience to turn to Jesus. My wife stood up immediately. I was unsure; I did not know what would happen next. But that was the beginning of our active work in Hungary. It took some time until I broke through to a living faith in Jesus Christ.

Can you tell us about the main thrust of Midnight Call Ministry in Hungary today?
Elisabeth: Our main objective is to highlight the prophetic message of the Bible. There are very few Christians interested in what the Bible says of things to come. The other thing is that the subject Israel is a touchy one. Sometimes it’s very difficult to inform people about the important calling of Israel. To present people a clear picture of the Jews, Israel and anti-Semitism is often a difficult thing. But that’s one calling.  

What are the goals and prayer requests for Midnight Call in Hungary?
Laszlo: The economic situation in Europe, particularly in Hungary, has become difficult. For that reason, the existence of Midnight Call Ministry in Hungary is an important prayer object. People, in general, do not have the finances at their disposal; subsequently, subscriptions to our publications and book orders have significantly decreased. That’s why prayer support is necessary.
Elisabeth: I would like to add another word, which is an important issue; namely, the demonstration of our love by our deeds. These two things cannot be separated here in Hungary.

Does that mean distribution of the Word of God in conjunction with social work?
Elisabeth: Yes, we have to demonstrate our love through practical deeds.

What does that mean in practice?
Elisabeth: Here are some statistics that may be helpful: Hungary has 9.7 million people, of which 3.8 live on a minimal income. About 1.3 million are under the poverty line, and there are about 400,000 children that go to be bed hungry. That is one of the reasons why we had to get involved; we are contributors toward feeding the hungry. Of course, in conjunction with all of our work, the Word is being presented as well. Every meal is accompanied with stories from Scripture. No matter what we do, all of our work highlights the Word of God.
Laszlo: All children and adults receive tracts, publications, and other gospel material.

What is the extent of anti-Semitism in Hungary?
Laszlo: Presently, this is a great problem. A right radical party now represents 15% in our Parliament. They seem to be very popular. Unfortunately, many people sympathize with this right wing tendency. The economic difficulties are contributing to seeking a scapegoat—blaming the Jews. People at large try to create a popular enemy image. Needless to say, the gypsies (Roma), Jews and other foreigners in our country of various minorities are the target.
Actually, it has become difficult to present someone with a Bible. They are suspicious, and that’s an additional reason why we pass on the Word of God in conjunction with food and clothing.

How can our readers support your work in Hungary?
Elisabeth: A Christian sister in Switzerland, who is involved in missions to Arabs stated, “Please pray for the Arabs!” That’s how it is in our case. Pray for Hungary and the work in sending forth His Word. Of course, other practical and financial help is greatly appreciated, but all needs to be done prayerfully.

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