No! Even those who fight against globalism are actually supporting and promoting it. We already mentioned that greatest value for the least amount of money is offered by the globalist.

In the past, some political candidates have included anti-globalism slogans in their campaign. One advised, “Buy American-made products.” A reporter confronted him with the glaring fact that an American product can no longer be properly identified as such. For example, three-quarters of a Japanese car may have been built in the United States, while 60 percent of an American car may have been manufactured in a foreign country. So, which one is American?

Another political candidate tried to garner votes by telling people that if they elected him, he would make sure that no jobs were exported outside of the country. However, just the opposite took place; foreign countries exported jobs to the United States as never before. For example, Europe and Japan invested in the United States more than ever. This is primarily due to an excellent business climate and a work force that is reliable and relatively cheap! It was determined during the late 1990s that four out of every five new jobs in the United States were created by foreign corporations.
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