From Israel's perspective, Jerusalem was officially recognized as a free city in 1967, during the Six-Day War, and was declared as Israel's indivisible capital city for eternity. Obviously, recent developments show that the nations do not agree with that declaration. No nation stands behind the Jewish people or their claim to all of Jerusalem.

During the 19-year Jordanian occupation of Jerusalem, the city was divided by a wall, barricades and barbed wire. All of these markers were torn down after Jerusalem was liberated. Today, there is barely a trace of the divided city as it once was. Nevertheless, the division on the political scene clearly exists. For example, the United States established a Consulate in both the east and west sections of Jerusalem. Our embassy is not located in Jerusalem, but in Tel Aviv. We emphasize the United States in particular because America is still considered to be Israel's "best friend"; so if this "friend" is actually an enemy, it makes one wonder how bad Israel's enemies are.

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