EUROPE - Don’t Call It Parmesan If It’s Not from Italy

The European Union wants U.S. cheese makers to stop calling their Parmesan cheese Parmesan cheese, the AP reports.

According to the Europeans, only cheese called Parmesan should come from Parma, Italy. Also, if it doesn’t come from Greece, it’s not feta.
The Europeans have been making their cheese case as part of broader trade talks with the U.S., according to the AP. And they’ve been making a similar case in talks with other countries. Under one recent deal, new products in Canada can’t be called feta unless they’re from Greece. (Still OK: “feta-like” and “feta-style.”)
This kind of thing is actually pretty common in global trade. Bourbon can only come from the U.S. Mezcal can only come from the mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico and the surrounding area., 14 March 2014

Arno's commentary

This type of global lawful definition process continues with no end in sight. Logically, Europeans cannot make their own drinks and call it Coca-Cola or McDonald’s hamburgers. But all that leads to the continuous progress toward unifying planet Earth. When reading and hearing such similar news, we must keep in mind the Scripture that speaks of the end stages of the end-times, “These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast” (Revelation 17:13).

1064(For more on world unity, read How Democracy Will Elect the Antichrist, Item 1064.)  


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