CRIMEA - 20,000 Crimeans Rush to Obtain Russian Passports

More than 20,000 residents of the Republic of Crimea have made applications to receive Russian passports, deputy head of the Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) Sergei Kalyuzhnyi said.

“As of today 5,500 passports have been completed, the Head of the Russian Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky said.
“Census returns showed more than two million people living in Crimea, Kalyuzhnyi said, adding “Much work should be done because it is not easy to generate such a number of documents. We’ve started the work and we’ll end it in due time.”
Russia’s Federal Migration Service hopes to issue passports to Crimean residents within three months, deputy head of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) Sergei Kalyuzhnyi said.
Many people wish for Russian passports and of course there are queues. People want them as soon as possible,” he said, noting that about 20,000 Crimean residents were located in various Russian regions.

-en.itar-tass.com, 24 March 2014

Arno's commentary

It is not surprising that those of Russian descent desire a Russian passport. As a matter of fact, recent reports from other European sources indicate that an unexpectedly large number of citizens of various countries in America (North and South) are applying for European passports. We were informed by the German Consulate in Atlanta that applications for German passports are backlogged for a year or more.
This reveals the fact that truly international global communication will continue to increase. We are reminded of Daniel’s prophecy, “many shall run to and fro.”

1057(For more on Daniel, read Daniel’s Prophecies Made Easy, Item 1057.)  


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