The world’s central banks have a problem.
In South Korea, per capita GDP—a ballpark gauge of living standards—has been gaining ground on what traditionally have been some of the world’s richest countries.
American policy in the Middle East provides much fodder for the lovers of conspiracy theories.
Leaders of Asian and African nations called for a new global order that is open to emerging economic powers and leaves the “obsolete ideas” of Bretton Woods institutions in the past.
China is rolling out its largest infrastructure development project in Pakistan through a flurry of investment deals worth $46 billion, building on Beijing’s vision of a new Silk Road connecting the world’s largest economy to different parts of Europe, the Middle East and other parts of Asia.
Visitors to the restaurants and shops at the Sarona complex opposite the Kirya Defense Ministry compound in Tel Aviv are unaware of the secrets of the past that are concealed in the cellars.
Chinese drone maker SZ DJI Technology Co. Ltd. Has established a strong early lead in the U.S. commercial market as companies turn to its inexpensive, lightweight flying devices for a host of uses from shooting films to mapping and site inspections.
Mastermind, a new anti-Semitic “documentary” film, is being repeatedly broadcast in Turkey and presents Jewish “domination of the world” as going back 3,500 years, since the days of Moses.
Methuselah, the Judean date palm grown from a 2,000-year old seed, has turned out to be male, and there’s fresh hope he could sire a revival of his extinct species—he’s potent.
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EUROPE - Is Terrorism a Real Threat?

Even in times of global jihadism, the chances of getting killed in a terrorist attack are about as small as drowning in your own bathtub, being killed by lightning or be hit by a falling coconut. Moreover, the threat posed by “radical Islam” itself is grossly exaggerated.

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Ignorance is being used as a convenient escape mechanism for people who wish to avoid the unpleasant facts of life. In reality, however, ignorance is never a solution.

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