Is the Bible infallible? What proofs do we have that its facts and statements are true?
We continue our apologetics series, next focusing on the incredible document called the Bible.
In Part I of this apologetics series, we opined that fanatic evolutionists give real science a black eye.
I believe in Creationism. Why? Because the Bible says so.
Already, an update is in order. Why?
What is one of the worst disasters that could happen to you in our materialistic society today? Answer: To grow older than you expected.
The Bible says that there will be wars in the last days.
Some years ago in 1989, political scientist Francis Fukuyama published an essay entitled The End of History. It had a large impact.

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The Bible is interpreted in different ways on account of the limitation of human understanding, not because the Scriptures are lacking in clarity. Order right now and learn more!
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