Dear Editor,

I have been a Christian since the late 1970s, and have never heard any preacher talk about a subject that troubles many Christian friends and myself. We wonder what will happen to our pets when the Rapture takes place, and even when they die!

Our pets are living creatures, not other “possessions” like jewelry, cars, homes, or other lifeless objects! Would a loving Bridegroom (Christ) take us away and leave our pets to starve to death?

Psalm 36:6 says, “He preserveth man and beast.” First Corinthians 2:9 says, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor can the heart of man imagine what God has prepared for those who love him!” Now, if God has prepared things that we cannot imagine, surely he would prepare something that we can imagine: our pets being with us for all eternity! Why is this important subject never taught or preached? It is not very comforting to me to think that my pets will starve to death with no one to take care of them.

-J. Demmy, PA
Dear Sir:

I was given a book called 23 Minutes in Hell. I know that hell exists and those who don’t believe in our Savior Jesus Christ will eventually end up there. This book tells of an experience of a gentleman that actually went there for 23 minutes so God could show him what it would be like for eternity. I am finding it difficult to believe this even though this author sounds truthful and in the Word. Is this somewhat similar to those that claim to see “Jesus”?

-J. DeHylton, OR
Dear Brother,

I have a question: in the beginning chapter of the Book of Luke, we read that Zechariah was working in the temple when he allegedly had a “divine” visit from the angel Gabriel. This visit was to advise that Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth, were going to have a son, even though they were “advanced” in child bearing years. And we have come to know that this son would be known as “John the Baptist.” We learn that this John the Baptist did, in fact, baptize Jesus the Christ to “fulfill all righteousness.”

Allowing his baptism, Jesus did “command” at least three times, when he stated, “Except ye be baptized, ye can in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven.” This “command” begs the question, what is the fate of all those who were not baptized while in earthly life? Now to complete my question, the Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians, asked a strange question (1 Corinthians 15:29): “Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all?” Does this mean that there was baptism for the dead at one time? And secondly, does any church today baptize for the dead?

-S. Bennett, WA
Dear Sir,

I am a subscriber and love Midnigth Call magazine, and appreciate feedback. Your answer regarding ‘Satan in Heaven’… “There is no direct information…about Satan’s whereabouts.” Please enjoy God’s answer to that question: Ezekiel 28:12-19.

-G. Craig, NC
Dear Editor Froese:

Please provide your interpretation of verses 18 and 19 of Chapter 22 of Revelation. If a born again believer adds to or takes away from the Holy Bible, will his or her name be removed from the book of life (KJV)? For example, if a person merges or blends the Holy Scriptures with the Quran.

I look forward to your magazine response, as much has been recently said about eternal security.

-C. Koontz, NC
Dear Arno,

Your logic on not allowing physician-assisted suicide, is faulty. If we are “never to interfere in God’s ways,” we should not assist accident victims, eradicate pain, take an aspirin for a headache, practice birth control, agree to a flu shot or allow doctors to practice medicine. Of birth, our parents engaged in a conscious act which God allowed; of life, the end is either prolonged by medical means or cut short by injury or illness. Is this God’s will, or man’s intervention? Death occurs when the mind and body give up, but God is still the begetter and finisher of life as He designed it. Who are you to sit in judgment or determine when this end should or should not occur; when modern medicine insists on “playing God” by prolonging life to the nth degree? The New Hippocratic Oath should read: “Since I as a physician do my best to halt death in its tracks and this is not considered ‘Playing God,’ how can I then forbid a terminally ill patient a lethal drug which they request to end their suffering?”

Do not play God with human conscience when God has given free will to decide. When hope and medical resources are gone, do not forbid the mercy to die and the drugs which bring it to pass.

-M. Wagner, WA
Dear Editor:

My letter is in regard to a question in the January 2015 issue of Midnight Call magazine asking, “Will there be unbelievers in the Millennium?”

It is correct in stating that the Body of Christ will not be ruled by a “rod of iron” in the Kingdom. The Body of Christ, which is the raptured and true church of believers, will rule and reign with Jesus Christ as His Bride during the 1,000 year Kingdom Age (Millennium period). The Age of Grace ends at the Rapture.

First, there will be members of the Gentile nations which are saved by the testimony of 144,000 Jewish witnesses, who will go throughout the world preaching the coming Kingdom Age during the Tribulation period. When Jesus Christ returns to earth, a remnant of each Gentile nation will be judged at the “Sheep vs. Goat Judgment” (Matthew 25:31-34). The “Sheep” nations (believers) that are saved will be ushered into the Lord’s earthly Kingdom for 1,000 years.

Second, there will be a one-third Jewish remnant that has been protected by God during the final 3 ½ years of the Tribulation period. Every one of these Jewish believers will accept the Gospel of the Kingdom (Zechariah 13:8-9). The saved Gentile nations, the Jewish believing remnant and their future offspring will have mortal bodies (Adamic), subject to sin. Therefore, they are those who will be ruled by the rod of iron. The mortal citizens living during the Kingdom Age will be responsible for keeping the Law and will be subject to the rod of iron. Therefore, there will be believers in the Millennium period.

-G. Avery, WA
Dear Brother,

I got your Midnight Call and I just had to write and thank you. I’m so thankful to you for your good reading. I’ve always found that I’d like to be a Jew, but the Bible tells me that strangers can join the Jews when we get to heaven; no nationality there. I’ve always loved to read all about Jerusalem and want to be there soon. I’m 95 but God is so good to me.

-M. Patton, FL
Dear Arno,

I would like to ask you two questions:

1. When a person dies, where is his or her soul going?

2. Does the soul stay with the body that is buried in the tomb?

God bless you all.

-P. Lay, CA
Dear Mr. Froese,

I was just rereading parts of the J.R. Church book, Daniel Reveals the Bloodline of the Antichrist. I was attracted to his comments on Daniel 7:4. After reading that passage in different Bible translations, I agree Daniel was talking about the U.S. being torn from Great Britain and given a man’s heart. My question is relative to Daniel 7:12, “As for the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away, yet their lives were prolonged for a season (3 months) and a time (1 year).” My feeling is this will come after the Rapture of the body of Christ. I’d like to read your opinion on this verse.

-D. Smith, CA
Dear Editor,

When I had the chance to read your January 2015 edition of the Midnight Call, I was curious to see what was in it.

I was enjoying your magazine when on page 29 I found “Mormon Church…Joseph Smith Had about 40 Wives.” Why would you feel the need to try and discredit the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Joseph Smith? Then on page 44, “Is Mormonism Christian?” So, tell me, is a Mormon a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ, or a follower of Satan? I know Jesus Christ loves every one, and I know He would never feel the need to hurt someone else. Reading the rest of your magazine, I did not find anything about any other church. Why? I have always believed that Satan works hardest against the truth.

Satan has enough help without the followers of Jesus Christ bashing each other.

My challenge to you is to find one thing the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have said against you and your church.

What happens to me if you are right? What happens to you if I am right?

-S. Meyer, UT
Dear Sir,

We read in the Bible of battles and wars between God’s angels and Satan’s. In these conflicts, there must be casualties, injuries and death on both or either side of the battle. Can angles (be they of God or the devil) be hurt or injured and die in these battles? Or are these battles unlike what we would think them to be? How can or why would spirit beings battle like humans, if there would be no loss of one’s army? How could one expect or declare victory? Thank you for your consideration.

-D. Hebert, ON
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