Dear Midnight Call:

My family members have been Masons for many years and they are Christians.

I am a past Grand Matron of the Order of the Eastern Star. The Eastern Star (5 points) tells us about the lives and legacies of Adah, Jephthah’s daughter, Ruth (who assisted Naomi), Esther (Queen), Martha (whose sister was Mary and brother Lazarus) and Electra (who lived in St. John the evangelist’s day).

Our mission is to aid in our communities and state, and further Christian work. We sponsor a nursing home and assisted living and do other charity work.

The Grand Lodge is not a church, but a group of men who also do community missions.

The Shrine Club sponsors and supports hospitals for children who need assistance.

The Knights Templar sponsors medical work for children in need of eye care.

Other groups support mission work in other areas of need.

One of the main requirements to join is to believe in God and not be afraid to confess.

I’m sending this yearly statement to you as it tells about the “Long Life” of Masonry as it began in the building of “Solomon’s Temple at the Beginning of Time.” These are true statements and needs to be honored with dignity.

-E. Steptoe, SD
I remember many years ago Wim Malgo wrote an article in Midnight Call about the strong possibility of the Kurds in Northern Iraq, etc. coming from the Northern division of Israel after their 722 B.C. captivity and dispersion by Assyria.

What is your view of this?

Do you still have that article? It probably was 30-35 years ago.

I have never heard anyone else mention this, but have always thought it was a good possibility after reading his article. Thanks for your response.

-R. Bauer, IL
Dear Arno Froese,

Greetings in the name of Jesus, our soon coming King. And…
• He is coming soon!
• I have always been interested in The Endtimes.
• The Midnight Call is truly endtime!

The MC August 2014 issue states on page 10: “While Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, the Church…is not the same. Why not? Because the beginning is the foundation, and the completion is when the last Gentile is added to the Church. The Church is pictured for us in Scripture as a building, a…spiritual temple. When it is completed, the Church will be raptured into the presence of God.”

Please explain this Church under construction, because we are truly living in the last days.

Please explain when and how we will know when the last Gentile is added to the Church!

In these last days, there are so many people who don’t believe in His coming. Please respond.

-E. Garrett, MO
Dear Sir,

I’ve studied, prayed, and read commentaries, but still it is not clear: Revelation 12, War in Heaven.

One commentary says this happened before Adam and Eve, which stands to reason because of the temptation.

A second casting out was at Jesus’ crucifixion, “It is finished.”

This also stands to reason because Jesus would not “lead captive” into Heaven with Satan still there, and I do not believe a war would be in Heaven with the Old Testament saints there.

Finally, the last casting out of Satan in Revelation for a thousand years.

Is this right? Can I teach this as dogmatic? If not, please enlighten me.

-J. Palmer, IL
Dear Arno,

Your statement of your recent letter stating that “the only book ever written giving precise details about the past, the present, and the future is the Bible” is not quite accurate. Another book was written and published in 1888, called The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels and Satan and His Angels, giving precise details about the past, present, and future. It’s the most amazing and revealing book ever published in modern times, and no wonder! It is the writing of one who was given actual visions of these details and commanded to write them out.

If you would like a copy, I’ll send you one “free” under a new title, “America in Prophecy.” You’ll be astounded with the information you’ll receive. And, you’ll never be the same again.

Just let me know; there’s no cost to you, except perhaps a little humility.

-W. Hargreaves, AL
I like reading Midnight Call. I have a question. Do you believe that once you give your life to Christ, repent and are converted and baptized, that you cannot lose your home in heaven? What if you become lax in prayer and His Word and fall back into the sinful life? Your life is taken at this point; you have not repented and been forgiven—what about your eternal home?
Were not the angels once saved who were expelled from heaven?

I have been taught that you can lose your salvation if you have unrepented of sins on your conscience and you die without repenting.

I would appreciate your comments on the above. Keep up with the Lord’s work.

-E. Stoller, OH
Dear Arno Froese,

I love your magazine, and of course the letters to you are one of my favorites. Your answers are always precise and biblical.

Here is my concern. I believe everything that appears in your statement of faith. I am a pretty new Christian. I grew up with no background in religion at all in an area with no churches around. So, until I was 53 years old, I knew very little about religion. It and money were two things my Dad taught us that you never talk about with anyone.

This summer I had occasion to attend a church with my sister, whom I had been visiting for much of the summer. One day after church, one of their elders asked me to come with him to talk. I did. He pretty much flat-out told me that I must know I was going to hell because I belonged to a denomination, and that that was not in the Bible. A denomination was the same as a division in the church, and he showed me several Scriptures that proved divisions were unacceptable to the Lord. He said that they were the only church going to heaven because they followed the Bible exactly. No musical instrumentation, communion every Sunday, etc.

Just a side note: I did notice that they used all the communication equipment of the day in their sermon and elsewhere within the church, and I don’t think that was mentioned in the Bible. But I just listened. He gave me a week to think about what he had told me, and also asked me about my testimony. I gave him a snapshot view of it right down to breaking down and crying at one point. He told me that feelings were not ever used. And yet the book he chose for me to read told a story about a young man and his wife going through baptism in their church, and coming up out of the water crying. So I don’t know why it was wrong for me. I am puzzled as to what I might have said to convince him that I really felt I was surely as much of a Christian as he was, and certainly just as saved as he was. I was wondering if you could give me some things a person can say at a time like that. My life has changed, and all my family will attest to that, so I know I had more than just a feeling because I was not a nice person at one time. I have had such peace and joy in my heart for over 21 years now. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and try to follow His example every day.

Any thoughts would really be appreciated. I thank you for your time and your wonderful magazine.

-R. Barnes, LA
Dear Mr. Froese,

Do you really think Christ was born on December 25th? The Bible gives you information that when figured out, it would be late September or early October. So trying to put it on December 25th makes no sense to me. It is not one of God’s holy days. Christmas trees, holly, and all of the rest of the pagan garb, and then putting Christ in the center of a pagan holiday. Back in the time of Christ, birthdays were not celebrated. The pope made a bad mistake a long time ago. The 25th was a feast for the sun god, not the Son of God. Just because the church says it is okay does not mean God thinks it is okay. Look at how many churches are going along with same sex marriage; is this okay also?

-D. Wilds, PA
Dear Mr. Froese,

In your July magazine under “End Time Events” in the Letters to the Editor, I must say there is a lot of confusion by the writer. The confused seems to be of the Catholic flavor. May I try to correct this? In the Book of Revelation, the destruction of Jerusalem is in Revelation 11:7-13.

In Revelation 17, Rome is clearly identified as Mystery Babylon. Rome’s destruction is in chapter 18:10, “For in one hour is thy judgment come.” Verse 9, “For in one hour is she is made desolate.” Verse 21, “Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.”

Chapter 18 explains the great booty Rome had acquired in her conquest of other countries. So, Rome was a great business trader, even in slaves. The destruction of Rome in one hour could be by nuclear bomb. Iran by now must have many nuclear bombs, as does Pakistan. They cannot resist the urge to use them for long. WWIII is very close.

-R. Cash, AZ
Dear Mr. Froese,

While reading the August 2014 issue of the magazine Midnight Call, pg. 10, I came across the paragraph, “Apostles and Prophets Today?” You say that there are no apostles and prophets today. How then do you explain Ephesians 4:11, “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers” (Ephesians 4:11).

-R. Garcia, NM
Dear Editor,

For about twenty years, I have agreed with most of your teaching. However, I must disagree with some of Norbert Lieth’s comments on speaking in tongues in his article, July 2014 issue, “Does the Holy Spirit Give New Revelations Today?”

As an apostolic, Pentecostal believer, I received the Holy Ghost with speaking in unknown tongues, and was baptized in Jesus’ name at the age of fourteen. I am now 90 years old and still speak in tongues. I do not claim any special gifts of the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts on through the New Testament, teaches that speaking in tongues is the first real sign that one has been born again and received the Holy Ghost, which is to all up to the end of the Church age. No one can ever tell me I have not experienced the real meaning of being born again in the Holy Ghost. I pray that Mr. Lieth can also receive this experience.

-M. Daniels, MS
Dear Brother Froese,

I write to discuss something that has been a problem to me. It is the situation with the Masons. While I realize that they are a cult and are not cognizant of Jesus in their rituals and whatever they do, there still for me must be a gentle spot in my heart.

I grew up in a little town in Southern Idaho, and went to a Presbyterian Church there, that had combined with a failed Baptist Church. It was a believing bunch of people and they were, as I remember them, very close to Jesus. In the midst of this, there were many men who were members of the local Masons. My Dad was one of them, yet, I have never known a man who was more dedicated to our God and practiced daily his walk with Jesus. Now, as I understand things better, I do think that these men, including my Dad, were deceived. But they all, I feel sure, believed that they were serving God by also being active in the Masons. My dad died at age 103, and had not been active in the Masons for perhaps the last 20 years or so of his life.

In view of the great Constitution of the United States that we have been given, I wonder about the men that, even though they were Masons, gave us that Constitution. Were some of them or perhaps most of them really men who worshiped God in a real way, and knew Jesus? I think that God will make that determination, or has made it, but I hesitate to condemn them, considering the result that we have had in the best and most free government to date in the world. I base this lack of condemnation on the life of my Dad, because he did live for the Lord, and all his children (four) are living for the same Lord today, and are a reflection of his life. Thanks for listening to my thoughts.

-P. Lowry, ID
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