Dear Arno,

I have considered signing an organ donor card in view of my death, but am hesitant to do so because I don’t know if God approves of that practice. I can’t find a verse that addresses it. Can you help me?

I eagerly await each copy of Midnight Call. It is the best magazine I have found on Bible prophecy and world events leading up to our blessed Savior’s soon return.

-E.E., Everett, WA
Dear Mr. Froese,

My father and I had a discussion about homosexuals the other day. We are both Christians and do not support the homosexual way, though we did have an argument.

I say that a person is not born homosexual; that is, no one is born to become attracted to the same sex in a
sexual manner.

Based on the book of Romans and Leviticus, I don’t believe that God could condemn these people for their acts if they were created this way and could not make a choice.

I believe that homosexuality is a choice each individual makes due to various circumstances in their lives.

My father believes that homosexuals are born with a genetic imbalance. He does not support their ways and believes that God expects them to resist this nature and overcome it because it is sin in God’s eyes.

Would you please respond in a letter with your views concerning the truth of God?

-R.E., Washington, NJ
Dear Pastor Froese,

When using some Bible texts to strengthen our faith, or [when using them] in prayer, are we required to quote the passages exactly as they are given in the Bible, [although they] vary in wording many times?

Philippians 4:13 is one I am now concentrating on, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” I prefer, “I can do all things through Christ who empowers me.” Is this wrong and does it really change the meaning of the text? I would appreciate your reply. Thank you very much.

-S.W., Bolivar, MO
Dear Brother Froese,

Thank you for your ministry. I appreciate that you don’t just sit around and “talk and argue” fine points of prophecy while forgetting about being doers of the Word also! If Bible prophecy doesn’t spur us on to holier living (2nd Peter 3:10), something is wrong with us!

I have a question that I suppose isn’t all that important, but one about which I’d love to hear your input.

Some say we must know when and where we were saved if our salvation experience is valid. Others say that the really important matter is how are we living now.

Belief in Christ must be present tense! I put myself in group #2. I’d appreciate your opinion (Bible-based, of course). Thank you and God bless you.

-I.T., Polkton, NC
Dear Arno:

It would be interesting to have this letter printed in your paper to see what others think about the points I am about to make.

You state that Trinity doctrine is beyond our capacity to intellectually analyze. Perhaps that is true, because as we will see, it is man’s doctrine. God’s truth only needs to be “rightly divided.” Let us look at the facts and the truth, and let the rest disappear.

Mark 1:10-11, “And straightway coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon him: And there came a voice from heaven, saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Your statement that Jesus is true God has a problem here. God is speaking to God? God is receiving the Spirit?

You see, God has not only given me an understanding of His Word, but [He also has given me] the questions to ask as well. Your statement about the Trinity doctrine above simply proves to me that you cannot answer the question regarding Mark’s gospel.

This is not the only place; there are many others as well. For instance, Jesus does not know the day or hour He is to return for the saints? Jesus is true God and does not know that? Your intellectual analysis cannot be true. Why? First, let us look at 1st Timothy 2:5, “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”

What is a mediator? To be a true mediator, one cannot be partial to one of the parties for which he is a mediator.” Therefore, in order for Jesus to be a true mediator between God and man, He can be neither.

Now about your statement that Jesus is true man. Really? If so, then any of us could have died on the cross. No? Of course not.

Jesus cannot be true man. Jesus first was born of a virgin, but more importantly, He had no sin. Every true man has sin; therefore Jesus cannot be true man, but a man nonetheless.

More verses could be used; however, you will either see the error from these verses about Trinity doctrine or else you will not.

This is as simple as I could possibly make this letter, at least at this time. Truth will always be known because nowhere in the Bible will it conflict with other verses.

If we honestly seek truth there should be no question we cannot answer – you especially should understand that – if the Spirit is the one teaching us.

There is just no other way. Jesus answered even tougher questions than these. Jesus received it in power. God did not. Amen. Just give truth a chance and do not be afraid; it is all in the Bible.

-N.E., Germany

Dear Mr. Froese,

I am a subscriber to your magazine, Midnight Call. I am very eager to know the answer to the following question: The Jews are looking forward to the coming of their Messiah. Christians are looking forward to the Second Coming of their Messiah. Are they one and the same?

Your answer will be very much appreciated. Also, could you please quote the source to your answer.


Dear Sir:

I would very much like for you to answer a question for me and some of our church members.

We know that the Rapture is the next thing to happen, and that believers will be judged and rewarded. This will be the seven-year tribulation period on earth. Then the Second Coming of Christ to earth with His saints will take place, followed by the 1000-year reign.

Where will the Christians be? Will they be on the earth during the Millennium? What will the people be doing during the Millennium? Also, where will the wicked be at this time?

Please explain this to me. We would sure appreciate some light on this.

I enjoy your magazines on prophecy. May the Lord continue to bless you. I believe Jesus is coming soon.

-C.U., Littleton, NC

Dear Mr. Froese,

Even though keeping the Ten Commandments will not save us, when we are saved we should keep them all. So what about the fourth commandment? Even though we who love Jesus always try our best to keep the commandments, we seem to ignore the one about the seventh-day Sabbath. For the last few months this has been disturbing to me. I don’t rest on Saturday or keep it any holier than any other day of the week. I worship God on a daily basis and attend church on Sunday.

Last week I heard a man on God’s Learning Channel in Midland quote the Bible about the importance of keeping the Sabbath. I don’t want to be among those to whom Jesus says “depart from me...I never knew you.” Not keeping His law seems disobedient. Does that make us a doer of lawlessness? I know we are saved through grace, not the Law, but God does want obedience from His children. I hope you can help me understand this part of His Word. I pray I have made this letter understandable.

-R.R., Abilene, TX

Mr. Arno Froese, Editor:

Regarding Mr. Kollek’s article, “Jerusalem Wisdom,” [News From Israel] in the February issue: I take issue with his statement that Arabs of Jerusalem are an integral part of the city by right, not by favor.... was that a direct quote? Why the ellipses?

Mr. Kollek must not understand God’s covenant with Abraham for all of the land - through the seed of Isaac.

Ishmael’s covenant was for another great land (Genesis 17:15-21; 21:9-21; covenant land boundaries, Genesis 15:18-21).

Arabs have no legal or hereditary claim to any part of the land of Israel. But only the return of the Messiah will solve this dispute.

-H. L., Eugene, OR

Dear Bro. Froese,

My question concerns the doctrine of forgiveness as related to unconfessed sins. It is my understanding that all sin is forgiven when we accept Christ: past, present, and future. If this is correct, can you provide scriptural documentation for it? Assuming this to be the case, why are we admonished to seek forgiveness for our sins after salvation?

I know that unconfessed sin destroys fellowship, but is that because the unconfessed sin is unforgiven? Also, what happens to unconfessed sin at the death of the believer, and how is it dealt with at the believers’ judgment? Thank you for any light you can shed on this matter.

-Mrs. A. L.,Clintwood, VA

Mr. Froese,

Considering that you believe in the infallibility of the Scripture, I want to prove that Genesis chapters 1 and 2 are contradictory, and [were written] by two different authors. The first chapter states that animals were created before man, but chapter 2 reads that animals were created after man. It should be apparent that these creation accounts can’t both be right.

All versions of the Bible, with the exception of the NIV, include two contradictory stories of creation. I have enclosed a portion of the Hebrew-English NIV [translation] of Genesis 2. The English version is a deception. In Genesis 2:19, this version inserts the word “HAD” to give the reader the idea that the creation of animals took place earlier than the creation of man. If you read Genesis 2:19 in the Hebrew, from right to left, it clearly states “NOW HE FORMED,” which means that right then and there animals were formed so Adam (the man) could find a help-mate for himself (Genesis 2:18), which also is ridiculous when you think about it.

In closing, it’s hard to believe that the whole Bible is “inspired” when it can be shown that there are hundreds upon hundreds of contradictions such as the ones above.

Any comments?

-R. T., Buffalo, NY

Dear Mr. Froese,

I enjoy Midnight Call and especially like the letters section. You answered a question for me some time ago, and I appreciate your help in my understanding the Bible.

I’m now writing with another question, one which is perhaps not as significant as many you answer, but one of particular interest to me. I am spending time in the book of Genesis, and have a question about chapter 6, verse 2: who were “the sons of God” mentioned in that verse, and in verse 4?

-D. Matter, KS

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